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Right Method, Right Answer

We explore and make sense of consumers – their behaviours, attitudes, & lifestyles – in a way that helps our clients to develop their products, brands, and communications more effectively.
We draw on the latest thinking on brand and communications as well as the wider world of cultural anthropology and social science. We listen to stories, watch people’s behaviour and engage in two-way co-creative conversations.


We use a range of qualitative research techniques, our cultural experience and understanding, and our market knowledge to work with clients to uncover insights that will truly inform business strategy.


Our Methodologies are:


Classical Qualitative

Focus groups


Friendship groups



In-home and in-situ research

Product placement and product trial

Mapping and engagement mapping

Projective techniques

Laddering techniques

Observational techniques

Deprivation exercise

Need state archetype

Sensory exploration


Plante-room-party brand Exercises

Virtual experiences

Creative Workshops

Consumer Squeeze

Online blog


Temporary Shop


Treasure Hunt

Desk Presentation

Cross Trial

Question Time

Speed Date

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